Geekpoints — CatSC

Constantine Dymnikov



Category Number
programming 1
miscellaneous 1
Total 2

Points received

Points From Time Category Description
1 qwandor 10:29:45 pm 1-10-2006 GMT miscellaneous For paying for the domain name
1 qwandor 4:55:28 am 20-9-2006 GMT programming For competing in the ACM programming contest

Points given

Points To Time Category Description
1 nightkhaos 11:41:20 am 29-12-2006 GMT free software For installing Gentoo
1 Raven 9:56:04 am 24-10-2006 GMT miscellaneous For getting addicted to a geeky song., lyrics:
1 qwandor 12:54:04 am 21-9-2006 GMT programming For competing in ACM programming contest

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