Geekpoints — Marcel


I Currently study Philosophy at VUW. I am also currently employed at the National Library of New Zealand for Collection Development and Management and VUW Library in the Audio-Visual Suit.


Category Number
free software 1
miscellaneous 1
Total 2

Points received

Points From Time Category Description
1 qwandor 10:26:24 am 18-12-2006 GMT miscellaneous Organising Interface Christmas meeting
1 ja 7:10:31 am 11-10-2006 GMT free software learnt how to use screen

Points given

Points To Time Category Description
2 ja 5:55:22 am 28-10-2006 GMT free software Installed Kubuntu 6.10 for me
3 ja 7:04:59 am 11-10-2006 GMT programming Editing Movies
5 xyzzy 7:04:09 am 11-10-2006 GMT miscellaneous King of Interface

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