Geekpoints — patrick

Patrick Quinn-Graham


Facebook profile: 664271112


Category Number
hardware 1
programming 1
miscellaneous 8
Total 10

Points received

Points From Time Category Description
1 Br3nda 9:49:45 am 21-9-2008 GMT programming apple silly phone app writing. (despite being silly)
5 tanifa 10:05:30 pm 19-2-2007 GMT miscellaneous heh
3 xyzzy 9:59:29 pm 3-10-2006 GMT miscellaneous for being an excellent Interface secretary, and building the club a very nice looking website
1 ja 4:01:23 am 3-10-2006 GMT hardware defending macs, shiny defenceless macs, in this cruel world

Points given

Points To Time Category Description
1 sitharus 7:40:45 am 24-1-2007 GMT miscellaneous setup the irc server for #wellylug, founding the amazing network that exists today.
1 ja 10:24:19 pm 3-10-2006 GMT free software Dragged a desktop to interface to get linux installed.
2 xyzzy 10:22:30 pm 3-10-2006 GMT miscellaneous has setup IPv6 more than once.

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