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Here are listed points recently awarded.

Points From To Time Category Description
9 sitharus Br3nda 1:08:54 am 2-3-2008 GMT hardware
1 qwandor tanifa 9:45:56 am 22-2-2007 GMT hardware For having many shiny things
1 Pxzl8r Bluebottle 9:21:30 am 17-11-2006 GMT hardware For cleaning the mouse ball with a special kit in Von Zed labs.
3 gringer Comte 12:44:35 pm 12-10-2006 GMT hardware Living with an Acer that's too advanced for Linux
1 ja patrick 4:01:23 am 3-10-2006 GMT hardware defending macs, shiny defenceless macs, in this cruel world
1 xyzzy gringer 12:37:33 am 28-9-2006 GMT hardware for making IBM buy him an Acer laptop
3 gringer xyzzy 7:59:39 am 27-9-2006 GMT hardware He set up SWANS
1 xyzzy qwandor 7:50:44 am 27-9-2006 GMT hardware For building a LIRC dongle and lending it to me

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